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...One Friday in July 2005 the AFIA Film Festival was born as a tribute to the spirit of independent culture and its artists. Without knowing the real meaning of the word Afia, we felt its power, beauty and eternal pain mixed with bravery and pride. Later we found out that Afia is an African name, meaning a passionate and brave woman born on a Friday…


AFIA is an international festival for independent filmmakers and video artists, focusing on artworks that put artistic value above commercial aspects. We are committed to providing a venue for the many yet-to-be-told stories lingering in the hearts and voices of its artists; a forum for (as yet) internationally unknown directors.

AFIA seeks to discover, stimulate and celebrate young cinema – the promising and talented directors at the very beginning of their career.

AFIA is a welcoming place for a radically minded new generation of filmmakers, for freedom of expression, alternative vision and inspiration, for small stories in a big form, all kinds of unusual content, and everything that focuses attention artistically. ALL THE MAGIC YOU CAN CONJURE IS WELCOME! The Festival pays special attention to works which involve film- sound and music dramatically in cinematic content.

AFIA is the place to enjoy the films and people who make them! It is the only Scandinavian festival where widely recognized film gurus and newcomers can get together in a relaxed setting.

A personal, warm and familiar atmosphere, a friendly environment for filmmakers and audiences, an alternative program and many opportunities for informal meetings – this is the profile we strive to keep and improve in the coming years. And we guarantee even stronger and more enjoyable festival experiences for both filmmakers and audiences.

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