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All short films are completed in thematic batches (aver. 90 min. in total length). The description of each is available at schedule listing.

Short Fiction

From sexual exploits to criminal minds, coming-of-age stories to life-altering events, these films introduce us to characters imbued with tenacity, imagination, and spirit that touch the deepest nerve in the viewer’s heart and soul.

Short Documentary

From explorations of political trends to examinations of deeply personal issues, short documentary films offer new ways to understand our world. With a spectacular variety, these films represent new and innovative work in non-fiction filmmaking.



The full range of human experience is played out in these engaging stories about the fate of an artist, the costs of conflict and the triumph of personal spirit. Comic and tragic, each of these films is an absolute “must see”.


From examinations of the political system and explorations of cultural development to intimate portraits of legendary artists and very personal, stunning stories, these films represent a great variety in both thematic and artistic terms. Enlightening, innovative and breathtaking…


NIFA Awards will be presented to the Nordic films honouring the best achievements of Danish and other Scandinavian filmmakers in the following categories:

- Danish Fiction Short
    The Nominee:
  • Little Lie
  • March
  • Something in the Air
  • Street 6 South
- Nordic (non-Danish) Fiction Short
    The Nominee:
  • Alva (Se)
  • Raspberries (No)
  • Family Reunion (Is)
  • Misty Mountain (Is)
- Nordic Documentary
    The Nominee:
  • 3269 Daisy (No)
  • Borderland (Dk)
  • Crossroad (Se)
  • Kabul Beauty (Dk)
  • Sofa Generation (Is)
- Nordic Art Film (animation or experimental)
    The Nominee:
  • Almost Like One of the Family (Se)
  • Looking Glass (Se)
  • Rondo (Fi)
  • Tango Finlandia (Fi)


Århus KulturNat
Kort & Godt
Idé- og reklamefilm konkurrence
Århus Filmværksted
Aarhus Film Workshop

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